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  • The skin and the power of antioxidants

    We know that you want to look great and feel happy with your face, for this you must take care of your skin, not only by applying the products we have created for it but also incorporating necessary elements into your daily diet.
  • The most read of 2019, you can not miss it

    2019 remained in the past but left us many lessons and lessons, especially for the care of ourselves, our health and fulfill the desire to finally see ourselves as we feel, bright and fresh.
  • 4 Christmas gift ideas that take care of your eyes

    Christmas is almost here, and you are likely to feel the pressure to go out and buy gifts for your friends and family without having a very clear idea of what to give them. That is stressful!
  • Tips to take care of your skin at Christmas

    Christmas is always a season of celebration. A time for the meeting with friends and family that during the year is perhaps not as frequent. Christmas is also the ideal season to end the year in style. That is why it is natural that we all want to look good during this time.
  • The benefits of Ultrasonic Peeling in the care of your skin

    Ultrasonic peeling has meant a revolution in facial care. This treatment is very effective for exfoliating the corneal layer of the face but without the common consequences of the use of chemicals.
  • 3 tips to maintain the results after an aesthetic procedure

    Any aesthetic procedure is an investment. Literally speaking, if you perform a blepharoplasty, for example, you are investing money in your health and appearance. It is also an investment of time and energy, and surely you want to make sure your efforts are worthwhile.
  • Trylagen another important ally in the care of your skin

    Already in a previous post we commented on Argireline, the best component of 2018. This time I want to talk about another important cosmetic component: Trylagen. As you know, redensify, regenerate, rehydrate and restore are some of the functions that fulfill the active principles must fulfill in anti-aging creams.
  • Ptosis and dermatochalasis what you should know about them

    Both conditions can prevent normal vision. Although they have a different origin, palpebral ptosis and dermatochalasis have one element in common: excessive eyelid tissue that makes vision difficult. In this article I want to share both concepts.
  • What is UV400 protection? All you need to know

    We always hear about UV400 protection. But ... we really know what it is about? At present it is likely that we spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, and this entails certain risks that we can avoid. Doing outdoor activities is good, but it is advisable to take certain precautions. This means that, just as we protect our skin, we must be very careful with the eyes.
  • Argireline: the best cosmetic component of 2018

    If desired, Argireline is a little known cosmetic component. However it has a wonderful effect if we are looking for facial rejuvenation. And it is that Argireline has begun to stand out for its "botox effect", in the treatment for wrinkles and expression lines. But is it true that a cosmetic can have "Botox effect"? And its effect is as effective and durable as that obtained with "Botox" (Botulinum Toxin type A) in medical consultations?
  • Five simple ways to reduce facial wrinkles naturally

    Every day many women look for ways to reduce facial wrinkles naturally. There are many methods that we can apply and that are not very complex. Although cosmetologists, for their part, offer thousands of procedures to keep skin toned, we must consider that there are natural laws that we cannot ignore. In this post we will share five ways in which you can reduce wrinkles naturally.
  • Micellar water: benefits and properties for skin care

    Micellar water is a word that is at the top of current cosmetics. Sure you heard it before, it looks like common water, however it has many benefits for cleaning your skin. As a cleanser it is super soft and that does not rinse !, it is the best friend of the beauty of your skin, since it raises impurities and makeup without removing the layer of protective oiliness that our skin possesses.