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  • Celebrities and their sunglasses! Part 1

    Many Hollywood artists are characterized by their styles and their sunglasses. Have you ever wondered why singers like Elton John or actors like Johnny Depp wear sunglasses?
  • I’ll teach you how to fight dark circles quickly and effectively!

    Dark circles are those remarkable dark shadows that we see under the eyes, alterations in the coloration of the skin of the lower eyelid. There are many factors that can cause them, ranging from hereditary, to circulation problems that makes the blood vessels dilate and are visible, although many times we can also associate them to lack of sleep and stress.
  • Eliminate those hostile “crow’s feet” with Smart Bright

    The “crow’s feet” are those wrinkles around our super antipathetic eyelid, which age our eyes and face. Aging is not the only factor that makes these terrible wrinkles appear. One of the main causes is due to vision problems, and that is why they are formed from an early age, since every time we force sight the muscles that are under the eyelid contract and with the passage of time the skin around the eye weakens and it is when these tedious wrinkles appear.
  • Rejuvenate your glance eliminating those dreadful “BAGS”

    Those super antipathetic bags we don’t want are nothing more than an accumulation of fat around the eyes. Its main cause is age, where the orbital muscle loses elasticity and when it loses it stops acting as a retaining wall for the bag and it comes out, and makes the look very tired.
  • Get a new look and a new face with Gentle Touch

    Micellar water is a cleansing water formulated from micelles. This component works as an emulsifier allowing the dissolution of insoluble compounds and therefore, the micellar water acts as an “all in one” that also cleans, tonify and hydrates, having the great power to attract dirt, grease, dead cells and makeup of our face, leaving it fresher and more radiant.